PIA Service

Total solutions for complex projects

Paques called in the help of PIA Service in Joure for the operating system of a water treatment plant at a brewery of Baltika Breweries in St Petersburg. This system integrator has all the disciplines and know-how needed to guide such complex projects to successful outcomes.

“For an assignment like this we usually start with the Piping & Instrumentation Diagram,” says John de Krijger, director of PIA Service. “Based on this diagram we engineer an operation system for the instal­lation using E-Plan. With E-Plan Pro Panel we then make a 3D design. Our customer gets to see in advance exactly what the result will be like. This saves time and pre­vents additional costs.”

Renowned partner

John de Krijger founded PIA Service in 2007. Since then the company has grown into a renowned partner for companies in, amongst others, food & beverages, water purifica­tion, biotechnology and fine chemicals. The PIA Service solutions stand out thanks to high quality and excellent value for money. Since 2015 the company is based in Joure. After a merger with Add Controls, PIA Ser­vice moved from Emmeloord to this Frisian town. “Thanks to the merger we can offer customers the total package of engineering, design, construction and assembly”, says De Krijger. “We supply hardware, software and service, all for optimal process auto­mation.”

The perfect solution

Our goal in every assignment is to deliver the perfect solution. Every project is unique so for every assignment we call on PIA Service’s engineering department. This de­partment has grown in recent years. A total of 45 people now work for the company.

A good size, says De Krijger: “Large enough to ensure quality and continuity and still manageable enough to control costs and keep lines of communication short.”

PIA Services continuously innovates to increasingly facilitate their customers. “We keep a close eye on developments in our sector and try to lead the way. We are now working on augmented reality and cloud solutions to further improve the design process.

In addition, we are working on predictive maintenance to mini­mise the risk of malfunctions.”

Future for the manufacturing industry

Both the design and construction process are under constant improvement. “We optimise the internal processes for engineering by generating hardware and software and for assembly in the digitization of this process. This makes the output increasingly easier to work with for our employees. Firstly, this creates the possibility to use less technically trained people for the con­struction of the operating systems. Secondly, it helps reduce costs and gives the manufacturing industry a dynamic future in the Netherlands.”