Oostwouder Tank- & Silobouw

Experts in stainless steel tanks and silos

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Just like Paques, Oostwouder started in the 1960s as a manu­facturer of silos for the agricultural sector. With the scaling-up of the livestock sector in those years, farmers needed storage for the food, and the silos were the ideal solution. All over the countryside, screwed silos popped up alongside traditional farms. Coming from, among others, Oostwouder.

Traditionally, storage tanks were built from the ground up. Oostwouder senior wondered whether this could not be done in a smarter way. JanPiet Oostwouder, at the time a mechanical engineering student at the HTS, turned it into his graduation project. The company was the first to come up with a revolutionary new way of buil­ding tanks welded on location, the so-called ‘coil-building’.

From the top down

What is so special about coil-building is that the tank is mounted from top to bot­tom, (from the top downwards), in combi­nation with a roll of steel being decoiled. Oostwouder developed a special decoiling machine that bends the rolled steel plate on diameter. Where the beginning and the end of the sheet meet, a weld is made.

The roof is mounted on the first layer. Then it is hydraulically raised. Below is the next layer, until the tank has reached the desired height. Building silos this way offers several advantages. Two people can handle the work on location. Scaffolding is not needed, because all the work is done on the ground. This makes it safer. Only one vertical weld is required per ring. As a result, the quality is higher and the production time consider­ably shorter compared to the traditional method.

40 years of experience

Besides building on location, Oostwouder also builds storage tanks in its own factory, using the experience gained in more than 40 years. In 2003, the company moved from Anna Paulowna to ‘t Zand, right on the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. In the factory, Oost­wouder is building two production lines of tanks up to fifteen metres in diameter and 24 metres tall. These are then transported by road or water to their destination. It is a spectacular sight when such a silo is loaded onto a ship.

Oostwouder specialises in stainless steel silos and tanks. Besides water purification, such as Paques does, the tanks are also used for storage and transhipment and other industries. The company works with all common stainless steel welding processes and with certified (safety) procedures and welders.