Wastewater aeration with increased efficiency

Körting ejectors for wastewater aeration fulfil the highest demands required for an efficient and reliable oxygen transfer system in the effluent and sewage treatment. Their maintenance-free operation mode and the optimum oxygen utilisation are admired worldwide by operators of wastewater treatment plants.

Ejectors - with their permanent circulation of the wastewater - achieve a far larger oxygen efficiency than other aerators. In this way the ejector guarantees optimum oxygen transfer and a total intermixing of the tank contents - even if the wastewater has a high content of dry solids.

The ejector shown here is made of stain-less steel and is mounted „through-the-wall“. Its connections for motive flow and compressed air are located outside the aeration tank. These units are equipped with a second downstream mixing zone in which additional liquid is sucked in, so intensifying the intermixing action in the tank. If required, the ejector can be equipped with a shut-off device downstream of the motive nozzle so that the motive nozzle can be checked at any time without having to empty the tank.

This equipment option allows for a permanent application of the oxygen transfer system, even with extreme concentrations of calcium carbonate in the wastewater. Their 100 % availability is often the decisive criterion for our customers. It is therefore not remarkable that many plants have been realised in the paper industry - sometimes also as a retrofitting action to replace in-adequate installations.

An exact coordination of the combination consisting of pump and ejector minimises the aeration system’s power intake and realises an optimum oxygen transfer rate over the whole control range. Either dry-mounted or submersible pumps can be used. Shut-off devices permit easy dismounting of dry-mounted pumps. Submergible pumps can be dis-mounted from their under-water coupling connection by means of chains and tracks. For both options, equipment containing moving elements can be dis-mounted and maintained very easily. More than 20 years ago we supplied our first ejectors mounted “through-the-wall” to Mssrs Paques in Balk for the flash aeration tank behind their anaerobic treatment. Meanwhile Paques has become a promoter of our oxygen transfer technology on the global market.


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